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Practicing throughout the greater Seattle area, Jacobs Law Group is a father-son team of personal injury attorneys committed to treating each client with the care and respect they deserve while providing the strong legal representation they need. With over 50 years of combined experience, we have a track record of success against insurance companies that refuse to fairly compensate victims of negligence.


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Vehicle Collisions

Over 50 million people are injured in vehicular accidents each year. Collision-related injuries commonly involve the head, neck, and back, and permanent disabilities often result. These injuries cause considerable economic losses to victims and their families due to treatment costs and wage loss. We have been protecting vehicle collision victims for years and can help you in dealing with the insurance companies.

Cycling Incidents

A bicyclist is fatally injured in an accident every six hours, with head injuries accounting for approximately 75% of all serious cycling injuries and fatalities. These injuries are often attributed to the fact that cyclists can be virtually unseen on streets to motorists failing to obey traffic laws. We understand these facts along with how to successfully represent a cyclist victim who has been negligently injured by a motorist.  

Pedestrian Accidents

While studies show that certain groups are at higher risk for pedestrian accidents, it is widely understood that every pedestrian is at risk for being involved in an accident with a motorist. These accidents can be caused by a variety of factors from improperly designed intersections to driver inattentiveness, confusion and/or aggressive driving. For any pedestrian negligently injured by a motorist, we are ready to help.

Premises Injuries

A property owner has a duty to remedy or provide warning of a dangerous property condition that they know about or should be aware of and may be responsible for injuries that negligently occur on their property. This includes trip and fall incidents caused by hazardous ground deviations in sidewalks and flooring. In these cases, we work with experts to demonstrate dangerous conditions in reaching successful outcomes.

Product Liability

Product liability is a specialized area of personal injury law dealing with defects in the design or manufacture of a product or a manufacturer's failure to provide proper product warnings. These cases often involve complex scientific and technical issues and are vigorously defended by manufacturers and their insurers. We have successfully handled product liability cases and continue to do so in the interest of public safety.

Worksite Negligence

Approximately 6,000 workers are fatally injured in worksite accidents each year. In the event of job site negligence, at-fault third parties are responsible for the costs of medical treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of ability to return to work, and, in the most severe cases, loss of life. We strive to secure proper recourse in these cases to help provide relief for anyone suffering from work-related injuries. 

Wrongful Death

When negligence results in the loss of a life, the victim is not the only one harmed: family members suffer greatly as well. The wrongful death of a loved one causes hardship, turmoil, and pain. During this difficult time, it is important for family members to receive guidance from experienced attorneys. Our mission is to always provide the highest level of care to our clients in an effective and compassionate manner.


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For anyone who has been economically or physically injured due to the negligent act of another party, we strive to help secure proper recourse in providing equitable relief. This entails successfully resolving underlying property damage claims while ensuring that reasonable and necessary medical treatment is received so that each client can get back as closely as possible to their pre-injury status.

We work to get past and future medical treatment costs and employment loss of earnings reimbursed in addition to noneconomic damages including degree of disability and pain and suffering compensated. As a result of our representation, we help alleviate the stress and anxiety inherently involved in dealing with an insurance company that may or may not be acting honestly, fairly, or in good faith.


Many of the nationally known insurance companies are using a formulaic approach to evaluating personal injury claims. They arrive at a low dollar amount and will not increase their offer even in the face of higher court-ordered arbitration awards to the injured party. When the insurance company appeals an arbitration award to superior court and fails to secure a more favorable result from a jury, they are required to pay attorney fees and costs.

Our firm has achieved success in multiple cases where the insurance company has appealed. In our most recent trial victory against Allstate Insurance, Allstate could have settled the case for $32,500.00; however, they ended up writing a check for $210,000.00 to satisfy the jury verdict. In another case, the same insurance company could have paid the arbitration award of $26,040.16, but was required to pay $84,436.75 to satisfy the judgment.

In a third case against the same insurer, Allstate Insurance could have settled the case for $24,126.40; however, they ended up writing a check for $74,114.84 to satisfy the jury verdict. In a fourth case, the same insurance company could have paid the arbitration award of $19,145.00, but was instead required to pay $52,598.18 to satisfy the judgment after an unsuccessful appeal of the arbitration award.

In additionally regularly reaching favorable pretrial outcomes through diligent case preparation including recently obtaining a $1,375,000.00 settlement on behalf of a worker injured due to worksite negligence, we have a proven record of success against insurance companies that refuse to fairly compensate victims of negligence for the injuries they have sustained and for the damages they have incurred.


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